Hasselblad CFV-50c

Introducing the Hasselblad H5D - the evolution continues…

Hasselblad brand is associated with cameras almost from the very beginnig of photography. At first, Hasselblad was only engaged in selling cameras, later started to produce its own devices used to capture visions. Hasselblad's tradition in designing cameras that primarily respect the needs of photographer, their outstanding quality, reliability and versatility dates more than fifty years back. And all the stories that took place behind the Hasselblad cameras are as fascinating as the cameras themselves.

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A Hasselblad camera is not a reward for having achieved a successful career. A Hasselblad camera is the tool with which you build your successful career to begin with.

There is never any time like the present to start building for the future. And if you think 35mm is good enough for this stage of your career, then you’d better hope that your clients are also willing to settle for “good enough”. The best clients, however, are almost never willing to settle for “good enough”. And why should they, when there are photographers out there who can provide the best? And providing the best is what Hasselblad and the new H5D are all about.

The next step in the evolution of the world renowned Hasselblad H System, the Hasselblad H5D provides a powerful addition to any photographer’s toolbox and provides you with the competitive edge you need in today’s crowded marketplace. The H5D features Hasselblad’s legendary image quality, a new stylish and more compact design, an updated lens line, new electronics, improved AF precision and speed, increased stability and performance, and a range of other new camera functions and improved features, including:

  • new HCD 4.8/24mm lens
  • new Macro Converter
  • more accurate focusing with True Focus II
  • new Immediate Focus Confirm
  • new print ready Jpeg files
  • new compressed multi-shot RAW files for faster and smoother workflow
  • new Camera Configurator
  • larger and more ergonomic buttons
  • larger, easier to read display style
  • updated Graphics User Interface
  • more programmable buttons
  • new and improved weather sealing
  • new and faster processors implementing Hasselblad Image Processing Architecture
  • and more 


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