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IT Service

Service center of PosAm Praha, spol. s r.o. holds the title:

  • Service Point Hewlett-Packard

We also provide warranty and post-warranty period repairs of IBM, Lenovo and HP products.

Our service activities focus primarily on volume service of servers, personal computers, printers, mobile devices, network elements and other peripherals. The quality of service provided by PosAm Praha, spol. s r.o. corresponds particularly to the requirements of the most demanding users!

Computer network administration

Not all managers are aware of the need of well functioning ICT infrastructure for the proper running of their company. They realize this need in case of mulfunction and unavailability of any ICT tool - non-functional email, accidentaly deleted files etc. It quite frequently happens that the company network administrator does not have sufficient knowledge to deal with various IT issues. It shows to be very advantageous to outsource your IT to an external company possessing technical experts with general and also narrowly specialized IT knowledge who are able to cover a large range of activities, including:

  • telecomunication networks management
  • server infrastructure management
  • client workstations and peripherals management
  • monitoring


SLA contract

SLA (Service Level Agreement) contract defines the scope, level, commitment and responsibility of your external ICT services provider. Outsourcing and SLA are inseparably interconnected concepts that define an interface between customer and supplier. Contractual terms clearly define the area and time frame of support, accountability, guaranteed response time, fix/repaire time, financial conditions and quality level. In the internal company processes SLA may be defined as a responsibility of IT department towards users.

SLA comprises of several substantial parts:

  • determination of buyer and supplier
  • description of services
  • scope of services
  • description of methods used for measuring quality and quantity of delivered services, incuding accountable persons
  • ways and procedures for verifying services provided
  • determination of support realization
  • price, terms of payment
  • conditions of cooperation and iteraction
  • metrics
    • availability
    • response time
    • fix/repaire time
    • soft metrics - technical and training staff evaluation etc.

IT HelpDesk

IT HelpDesk purpose is to provide technical support to users - customers - of PCs or other devices. Customers can contact via email, phone or through a dedicated request application our team of experts who possess the necessary knowledge and skills. Customers may also make use of knowledge database - FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to solve the user issues.

As a helpdesk tool we use OTRS (Open source Ticket Request System) software. This tool allows to send requests via email and a web browser interface. Users can track their request status and can respond to communication. We also provide a phone hot-line which is considered a natural thing today by IT professionals. What is not common is a professional team of experts who all have general technical basis and additionally the highest level specific knowledge.


Hardware supplies

  • Do you need to equip your new office?
  • Do you need to renew your server equipment?
  • Do you need to broaden your computer network?
  • Do you want the top professionals to work for you?

Our consultants, project architects and IT experts are here to help you with single server to high avalability enterprise solutions supplies, disaster recovery and business continuity planning. 

Proposal preparation, configuration draft and installation at customer premises is done by our trained and certified staff.



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