Hasselblad CFV-50c

ATM solutions

Since 2003 PosAm has been developing application software for the ATMs and payment terminals new functionalities project. New features allow customers to submit payment transactions, set some menu parameters on the screen and enable banks to communicate with selected clients. Through payment orders available on ATMs and payment terminals a payment can be realized to any bank account of any Czech bank provided you enter all necessary payment information or you use partially preset payments, alternatively without any manual input where the payment data are obtained from a barcode or by scanning and capturing the data from filled-out forms or postal orders.

Implemented bussiness functionality allows banks via ATMs and payment terminals to address selected customers with sales campaigns offering them convenient products. Customers can choose to accept or reject the offer or put it off for later. Campaigns are executed regularly and the subject of offers is mainly credit products and credit cards. ATM customer coming to withdraw cash who does not have available funds on his account the implemented system enables to arrange an overdraft account or increase its limit through the ATM and to withdraw the desired cash. Similarly, customers can arrange loans at ATMs or payment terminals. If customer fails to comply with the obligations arising from his loan agreement, each time he uses an ATM he is notified and asked to meet the obligations.

The project continues and further brings significant expansion of possible use of these devices by customers and at the same time it reduces the workload of the bank staff.



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