Hasselblad CFV-50c

Document scanning (digitizing)

Digitizing means not just inserting documents into the scanner, but it is a very sophisticated logistics and technological process that begins with the customer preparing documents for digitization - ie. selecting, registering and handing over documents to be digitized from an archive or a filing office. At this point the documents come into the digitization process we carry on. The actual digitizing process begins with a prescan preparation when paper documents are being prepared for a mass digitization.

The preparation encompasses:

  • adjusting the paper format - uncommon format documents may be adjusted for its easier manipulation
  • staples and clips removal - staples or paper clips might damage the document scanner. Documents that can't be "unstitched" (eg. contracts) are scanned in an alternative way
  • document classification – further document processing requires its classification to determine the type of the document
  • document indexing - index carries information that identifies the document or the logical group to which the document belongs (eg. customer contract number - document type)

After preparation the documents can be scanned with high-performance document scanners. This part of the process has two outputs - one in the form of scanned paper documents and the other in the form of digital images of those documents. Scanned documents are then stored in archival storage boxes and equipped with a code to enable the original document traceability.



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