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ReadSoft Documents for Invoices introduction

DOCUMENTS for INVOICES produced by ReadSoft AB is a software application designed specifically for invoice processing. It can handle incoming invoices of any format - from standard paper invoices, digital files in various formats (EDI, PDF, TIF, XML) to invoices coming by fax or email.

Invoices processed by DOCUMENTS for INVOICES can have a very complex structure, can contain attachments, line items and may consist of multiple pages. DOCUMENTS for INVOICES offers several unique features that make it a global market leader in this field:

  • Can process even totally unknown invoices - it identifies and captures desired values by recognizing field labels like due date, price, tax number, bank account number etc.
  • Ability to learn from already processed invoices and thus increase its recognition rate - it uses built-in and acquired by learning knowledge base that is unique for each customer and develops by using the system
  • Converts data files containing billing information to the form intelligible to human eyes
  • Allows full itegration with customer systems enabling the use of information stored in other systems
  • Application implementation into the company environment is really time undemanding and it can be realized within several days or few weeks at maximum
  • Highly ergonomic user interface - operators almost instantly become familiar with the system
  • Productivity increases very rapidly right after the system deployment 


For more information about ReadSoft please visit readsoft.com



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